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SharePoint courses
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We are offering SharePoint courses for various audience within companies. Our experienced SharePoint trainers are using practical examples during the course giving you an effective learning experience.

We provide courses in SharePoint in a 1 or 2 day variant. For the end-users we have the SharePoint Basic course (2 day open classroom course) of the SharePoint End-User course (1 dag inhouse classroom course). This is the same for our SharePoint Advanced or SharePoint Site-Owner course.

Within our course we can make different between;
  • 2 day SharePoint Basic open classroom course
  • 1 day SharePoint End-user inhouse course
  • 2 day SharePoint open classroom course
  • 1 day SharePoint inhouse course

Also, we can combine courses to tailor them to your SharePoint needs. If you choose Westhaghe Training & Advies, we can provide a free intake by telephone with one of our SharePoint trainers. Our courses are all hands-on with a maximum group size of 10 persons a day. Did you know that in-house SharePoint training already becomes a lucrative option from only three participants a day?

We can organise standard courses or you can make your own tailormade course. The benefits of a tailormade SharePoint course are:

  • Learning specific topics during the course
  • Using your own SharePoint sites/subsites
  • Employers do not have to travel to external training location

Is your company unable to provide laptops or computers during the training? No problem, we can arrange a mobile classroom of 10 laptops (at extra costs) at your location. Tailormade course can be given during working hours or in the evening.

Do you want to receive a quotation for a SharePoint courses? Just chat with our employer of click the button on top of this page.