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Computers: They still have many secrets for you. If you have little or no experience with computers, there is also a lot to come. Time to change! Westhaghe Training & Advies provide a number of computer training courses for end users. We offer courses aimed at effective use of the computer.

In the Basic PC training you will learn how to work better with the PC in a quiet, relaxed way. You get familiar with Windows, learn to create a simple document in Word and we take a look on the internet. Whether you have little or a lot of experience in some of these subjects; With us you can work at your own pace. Finding a route on the internet or sending your children abroad a mail? After this course, there are no problems for you.

We offer computer training as well as basic training and advanced training. These courses can be taken care of in Windows 7, Windows 8, and training in the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Learning objectives for this basic course in computer use include:
  • Features of the new operating systems
  • Differences over older operating systems
  • Search and find
  • Learning to work with the user interface
  • Customize the Windows environment
  • Navigate through Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

We can organise standard courses or you can make your own tailormade course. The benefits of a tailormade SharePoint course are:

  • Learning specific topics during the course
  • Using your own computer / documents / programs during normal working hours
  • Employers do not have to travel to external training location

Are you interested in one of our Computer course we can arrange a free intake by phone with one of our teachers to discuss your learning goals. The inhouse courses can be organized in groups with a maximum of 10 students each class.

Does your company haven’t got own computers or laptops during the course? No problem, we can arrange a mobile classroom of 10 laptops (at extra costs) at your location. Tailormade course can be given during working hours or in the evening.

Do you want to receive a quotation for a Basic computer courses? Just chat with our employer of click the button on top of this page.